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A pop-up wedding is much like an elopement. A short & sweet ceremony usually consisting of the couple and a few witnesses.  Endless natural landscapes or cityscapes because you choose the location.  We create the intimate moments for you and your partner to become a married couple. You can choose from our three collections and get married with a handful of your closest family & friends or just the two of you.  Our pop up weddings are about the couples & the LOVE they share.   Collections start at $1800.00



mini WEDDINGs - ELOPEMENTs - renewals

We believe that your wedding can POP up wherever you want it to, wherever you want it to! #whereyouwantwhenyouwant Without the limitations that come with the traditional wedding formalities. Small ceremonies come with so many more advantages. You can get married without the stress of a big production. We specialize in making your wedding day effortless and completely about you. The staff at Pop Up Weddings CO are all creatives, as such we weave a piece of we souls into everything we touch, so everything must be a timeless art form.  Above all, we want you to feel the emotion and relive each detailed moment, every time you look at one of your images in your wedding album.

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what we stand for

The goal of Pop Up Weddings CO is to create an unforgettable #nostressweddingsuccess experience on your wedding day, with a focus on just you as a couple... Oh, and simple & elegant aesthetics.  From a meadow full of wildflowers, mountain peaks, to city streets & rooftops. Pop Up Weddings CO will host your ceremony wherever you can dream it.  While there are still those who genuinely want to have a big wedding event "we photograph those too" there are many who consider all the planning & logistics a distraction from the special day. A pop up wedding is a way of making your wedding about the two of you professing the love that you have for one another. It is really is just that simple.

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